I joke. Actual image of me can be found here.

This is me; small and creepy.

Cat lover extraordinaire, horror fan and an all round neuroscience enthusiast! (My partner calls it being a nerd but don't listen to him).

I graduated from Edge Hill University with my BSc in Psychology in 2015, and received my MSc the following year in Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging at The University of Sheffield. In January 2017 moved to Northern Ireland to pursue a PhD in Big Data Analytics in Depression, but as of August 2017 I have left and chosen to pursue a career in clinical psychology.

This site has become somewhat of my third child (following my 2 cats of course); I started out with the hopes of making my field more easily accessible: I love the idea of making neuroscience publicly digestible since we're at a point in time where education is needed more than ever. It's a right everyone deserves, but doesn't have, and by blogging I like to think I'm making it a little bit more accessible. Now it's turned into something bigger, it's still a place for the public to learn more about what I do, but it's also a place where I can dump all my other writings that don't have a place in academia but still should be seen (ie. My Murderino Mondays series!). This is a place for me to grow and reflect as a writer and a person and I'm glad you're joining me on this journey!

I craft/paint in my spare time, have a deep appreciation for Marilyn Manson (I'm apparently a walking cliche, ha!) and wish cats were animals you could take out for walks because I would show mine off to everybody. There's a lot more to me than this; as Shrek stated, "I'm like an onion - I have LAYERS" - but these kind of things aren't the best place for me to start writing my autobiography.

Questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch.