Thursday, 11 May 2017

[Printable] Hexanotes!

I saw a really cool post on Facebook the other day of these sheets of paper with hexagons – like a hexagonal version of squared paper, which are perfect for drawing structures for biologists, chemists, pharmacology students etc. Since I’m struggling for cash at the moment I can’t afford to buy one of those notebooks which would come in so handy for learning structures for me, so I thought I may as well make my own! I’ve already made my own notebooks in the past – printing my own lined paper – so this is no different. The first print came out absolutely incredible, so I’ve decided to share the final result with all of you!

Final result! Perfect size and colour, perfect to have a few sheets on hand!
When printing, you have the option of borderless printing which will have the entire sheet covered as if it was a factory printed sheet which can easily be done through your printer settings (which I would recommend).

I want to see what you've done with your Hexanotes! Use #hexanotes on twitter and instagram so I can see!

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